Roanoke’s Free Bicycle Repair Station

Starting March 1, Sharebike will be offering a free bicycle repair station at its downtown location. The repair station is equipped with an advanced set of repair tools and a professional repair stand.

Sharebike Opening Night 025


The repair station will be open to everyone! Just come into the community bike center at 513 S. Jefferson St. and sign in. You’ll just need some identification and then you’ll be given access to the work area.

We’re also going to provide repair classes monthly. If you don’t know how to fix your bike, come to a basic repair class and learn!

The bike station is available on a first come, first serve basis and can accommodate two at a time.

Hours of operation will be Monday – Saturday, 11am-6pm.


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2 Responses to Roanoke’s Free Bicycle Repair Station

  1. Alex says:

    This is a great idea and much needed resource with our increasingly growing bicycle community, however, for people like me for instance, I do not ride with any form of identification and have walked from downtown back to SW city where I live numerous times. Weather it be a pinch flat or a busted chain, it is not fun to take the shoe leather express home. Does this mean that if I show up to make a 5-10min repair in order to keep from walking home that I will be turned away at the door only because I do not have an i.d.??I have raced in SW VA when I was ages 13 and 14 and have been a concrete member of the cycling community, having forged many relationships with others within the community, I hope that I won’t be turned away because I dont have ab i.d.

    • Ron says:

      Alex, you will not be turned away. We ask for an ID for accountability. If you don’t have one, we will be able to create an ID for use at the repair station. We want this to be available to EVERYONE! Thanks for the comment.

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